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Car activities for kids

Posted by Lamisur Rahaman

Starting Seems Coloring Pages

Do not do a lot of worksheets together with my preschool boys, but a vehicle trip is the best time to pull a few out. I made this set of 26 coloring pages. They just need to color the pictures on each and every letter that begin with that letter. You can find the free printable within this informative article.

We Are planning a very long drive this week. We're hitting the street before sunup and pushing until way past bedtime. As a survival plan I've ready a giant set of road trip activities for children. In Only a brief while our family is going to be taking a road trip. A Road that is quite loooong trip. As In, begin driving at 3 AM and hit our destination after 10 PM. With five kids ages 7 and under. And No, we do not have a DVD player in our van. This May sound a little mad, but seriously? Placing all seven of us in a hotel room with a baby still waking every two hours seems a whole lot crazier. So I have been operating in a building and collecting an assortment of actions to maintain my team busy for our big adventure.

Drawing Prompts

This Complete the Picture drawing pad from Melissa and Doug is brilliant. It's definitely too advanced for my 2 and probably my Four. However, I think that it's something my older two children, ages seven and five, will really enjoy. I needed to trim the pages to fit them into the little baking sheets.

Lap Boards

Have seen some amazing DIY lapboards on Pinterest. However, I do not sew beyond buttons. I don't do well with wood, foam, or extending fabric. I do not even cut a straight line. So this is my version of a DIY lap board. Find A cheap magnetic baking tray (trick -- they're not all magnetic; assess first). This 9 x 13 tray price 99 cents. Then get some markers or crayons and hot glue magnet strips on them (even adhesive strips can utilize that extra adhesive). Anything To keep my toddler from falling a mark each five seconds. The Sketchpad was from the dollar bin.

Sticker Scenes

This Reusable decal pad from Melissa and Dog is completely awesome as is. But I wished to locate a way to make it work in the auto. The scenes are too big for laps, and undoubtedly for our little trays. So I decided to cut every scene in half and cut the decals into sections. Then each kid can have part of a spectacle along with a set of decals to perform. The scenes will not be striking as they would be with the complete sheets, but you can' t be choosy once you've got seven people jammed into a seven-passenger van.

Magnetic Pattern Block Activities

We Already have pattern blocks, but for this trip I purchased a magnetic set of cubes so the kids can use them on their baking sheets. I discovered the large pattern block activities at PreKinders. I printed a transportation, snowflake, and creatures set. The children can each set a newspaper on their board and cover it with the magnetic blocks. I also published the small set of designs out of Kelly's Kindergarten and bound them with a ring. (You will have to shrink her designs prior to printing them should you'd like them little.) My older children can recreate these images onto their boards.

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