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Exotic car interior

Posted by Lamisur Rahaman

Gemballa Mistrale

Custom Shop: Gemballa Most Bizarre Feature: Quilted dash The Mistrale has quilted, cushiony leather and Alcantara anywhere you look in the cottage -- even at the footwells. When they enter a house, some people today take off their shoes. We think you might want to do the same when you climb into this car.

Carlsson Aigner CK55 RS Rascasse

Custom Shop: working as partners, Carlsson and Etienne Aigner Most Beautiful Feature: Just two seats that are back The Rascasse is based on a Mercedes-Benz GL 500, which normally includes seven seats. Carlsson decided this wasn't enough room, so their version only has 2. The interior is trimmed in beautifully Nappa leather with Alcantara accents, including the headliner. There is A full multi-media amusement program hooked up in the back. Carlsson has thoughtfully provided some eyeglasses if you get thirsty.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Custom Shop: Lumma Design Most Beautiful Feature: Three shades of brown. THREE! Take that, beige Porsche lovers! The Cayenne is normally a symphony of beige, but it is interesting contrasts that make colors pop, as anyone knows. Lumma has done. That is not what the Cayenne is about, anyway, although it isn't flashy. Consider it like mahogany eyeliner.

Mercedes-Benz G-300

Custom Shop: Louis Vuitton Most Beautiful Feature: Louis Vuitton leather anyplace You'll buy one of these if you'd like your G to be a rolling tote. This is the ultimate in brand love.

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